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Meet Primatologist Donna Honey
Founder of 
See Wild Travels

See Wild Travels Ltd was founded by Donna Honey, a primatologist with a Master's degree in ape rehabilitation, who has worked in Gabon intermittently since 2008.

After working with gorillas in various roles, including as a researcher in Loango National Park, and seeing the success & potential growth of it's gorilla trekking tours, as well as other wildlife tourism, See Wild Travels was born to enhance marketing, advertising, and generally spread the news that Loango is here & it's fantastic!

Loango is a proven tourism gem, it is truly remote and bespoke, with every paying tourist contributing to the protection of the wildlife and habitats within this astounding National Park.

See Wild travels is UK based with an office in Gabon. Since it's creation in 2018, 12 more destinations with a similar ethos have been discovered and are now being proudly represented by us:

Pongara N.P, Lopé N.P, and Ivindo N.P. - Gabon

São Tomé island

Príncipe island

Mahale N.P, Katavi N.P, Rubondo Island N.P, Nyerere N.P, Ruaha N.P, & Fanjove island -Tanzania

 South Luangwa N.P. - Zambia.


Silverback Gorilla Loango


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