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The Main Gate area of South Luangwa National Park, Nsefu Sector, Chichele Hot Springs offers superb day games drives in for viewing the abundance of big mammals: lions, elephants, bufallo, giraffe, as well as many glorious birds and smaller mammals such as impala and warthogs.

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Night drives allow you to catch a glimpse into the life of predators of the African night who are on the hunt and whether it is a lone leopard, a pride of lions or a pack of wild dogs, it is always an incredible experience to view a hunt or just to see these magnificent animals in their element.

Walking Safari Zikomo Luangwa Zambia

In the adjacent island, nearby areas of the National Park, walking bush tours with trained, armed, scouts off the chance to fully immerse yourself into the African bush, in search of all signs of life.

You'll be able to learn some tracking skills while enjoying a luxury safari, such as identifying animals footprints, scats, and feeding signs in the lead-up to seeing who / what is in the bush.

Trips to see Chichele Hot Springs, the Stork Colony, Carmine Bee Eaters Nesting areas, hippo pods are all possible destinations on our drives.


Other possible trips are to a local village tour, or visit local artist in the area.

Village Tour Zikomo Luangwa Zambia
Wild Painted Dogs Zikomo Luangwa Zambia


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