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Luxury Safari Bush Camps & Beach Retreats

Why choose between safari or beach? Consider a combination package for both...

We welcome requests for bespoke packages that combine the best of Southern Tanzania's remote wildlife viewing safari spots in Selous game reserve and Ruaha National Park and / or the gloriously secluded private  Robinson Crusoe island, Fanjove. 

Browse further into our destinations to whet your appetite, take a look at our example packages for ideas and then contact us for a tailor made quote.


Siwandu Camp
Nyerere Park, Sealous

Siwandu is at the north of Selous Game Reserve, in Nyerere National Park, in  palm forest Groves, on the shores of Nserakera lake, which is an impressively large lake that adjoins to the Rufiji River, the largest river in Tanzania.

Such a large park (the biggest in Africa!), with heaps of exclusivity. You will see a lot, but not other tourists. Offering an intimate, uninterrupted bush experience, Siwandu is perfect for forgetting all the troubles of the modern world and immersing oneself in unspoilt nature, with just the right amount of bush luxuryKnown as one of the most photogenic regions of the reserve

Jongomero Camp
Ruaha National Park

Jongomero is situated in perfect isolation, 60 kms from the next camp! Here, there is varied landscape, where 2 biomes meet: bush and scrub of south , and savannas of east.

This bush and scrub is characterized by semi-arid type of vegetation, huge baobab trees, Acacia woodland and other species. There are over 1,650 plant species that have been identified!

The Jongomero river is seasonal and dries up during the dry season. At this time many elephants come and dig under the river for remnants of water - a group of 300 is not unusual.

Far from the madding crowds, this secluded idyll offers a chance to discover true unadulterated wilderness.

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Fanjove aerial.jpeg

Fanjove Island
Southern Tanzania

Fanjove is perfectly secluded with no inhabitants other than the wildlife.

Here there are only 6 beach houses / Bandas for guests so aside from the staff there will never more thatn 12 guests at any one time.

To arrive on Fanjove Private Island is all part of the Robinson Crusoe adventure. From Songo Songo island's airstrip you will be driven 5 minutes by tuk tuk and then hop onto a traditional Dhow sail boat for 40 minutes until you reach exclusivity upon Fanjove powdered sand shores.

11kms of the north section of Fanjove island is coral, the rest is sand.

Palm-fringed, powder-white sands; azure, shimmering waters; the call of birdsong; and a whole island to yourself…. Secluded and exclusive, Fanjove Island is a peerless tropical island idyll



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