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Dining Jongomero Ruaha Tanzania
Unadulterated Wilderness in Glorious Isolation

For guests seeking an authentic African adventure, a visit to Ruaha National Park is essential.  To add toJongomero's appeal is the fact that the closest other camp is 60kms away!

Remembered for the rapids of the Great Ruaha River and its rugged landscape of undulating hills, rocky outcrops, and a horizon studded with the imposing silhouettes of the iconic baobab; no other park in Tanzania epitomises the definition of "Wild Africa" quite like Ruaha.

Whilst being the largest National Park in Tanzania, Ruaha also holds a special significance as it covers a unique transition zone where the Eastern and Southern biomes intersect offering an extraordinary diversity of animals, plants and birds. There are upwards of 570 species of birds. Indeed, half of all Tanzania’s birds may be glimpsed in this park, making it one of the continent's premier birding destinations.

Ruaha also holds one of the greatest populations of elephant in any African park. Buffalo gather in large herds, as well as giraffe, zebra, impala, eland, hippo, crocodile, lion and leopard. The rarer, lesser-seen creatures can also be found, including sable and roan antelope, dikdik, greater and lesser kudus, Grants gazelle and honey badgers. It is second only to Selous Game Reserve for the largest population of wild dog.  Let our experienced guides show you the wealth of biodiversity Ruaha has to offer, with game drives, game walks and walking safaris.

Jongomero Ruaha Tanzania Aerial View
Luxury Bush Camp

Blending in beautifully with its surroundings, the camp is tucked below a dappled riverine canopy on the banks of the Jongomero sand river, a natural pathway for animals in search of water. And when the river is dry then huge herds of elephants still come to dig under the riverbed for the remnants of water and minerals.

Positioned on one of the meanders, with sweeping views of the bank beyond, lies the camp bar, lounge and restaurant; which comprises an open wooden terrace shaded by a high thatched roof and filled with sumptuous sofas and striking furniture made of reclaimed dhow wood.

Bush Extravagance

Accommodation at Jongomero comprises eight large and well-appointed tented suites, built on raised wooden platforms, under enormous thatched roofs that also encompass a spacious private instant veranda which overlooks the riverbed.  

Snuggle under warming quilts in an eight-foot wide dhow wood emperor bed; fall asleep to the hum of Africa beyond the canvas; and wake up to the morning tea tray and animals ambling past your mosquito net windows.  The quintessence of luxury in the wilds.

Luxurious Safari Tents Jongomero Ruaha Tanzania
Swimming Pool Elephant Ruaha Tanzania
Dining & Amenities
With Wild Visitors!

Jongomero is an inviting spot to relax with a cup of tea whilst leafing through one of the camp library’s reference books, or socialise with camp managers and fellow guests around the bar with an ice-cold drink in hand.  

Alternatively, laze around the pool on warm days, and enjoy the sights and sounds of being so close to nature!

Elephant Swimming Pool Jongomero Ruaha Tanzania


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