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Sundy Praia 5 Star Príncipe
Your Choice of Luxury up to 5 Stars Nestled Between Forests & Beaches

Choose from Indulgent Hotel Lodges between Beach and Tropical Forest, including carefully reformed Plantation Houses brimming with regality and elegance.

Príncipe Island
Sundy Praia Príncipe 5 star
Sundy Praia 5 Star
Príncipe Island

Sundy Praia is a tented luxury hotel at the wild northwest tip of the island of Príncipe.

At Sundy Praia, you can lose all sense of time. Awaking to the chatter of forest parrots, you will readjust to nature’s clock, perhaps paddle boarding or snorkelling in the morning sun, relaxing on the beach in the afternoon, dining beneath a sea of stars, before drifting off at night to the lullaby of sea on sand. A place of gentle rhythms and sensuous fragrances, of whales and turtles, forest hikes and cooling swims, it is a place to awaken the senses and free the mind, warmed by the sand between your toes.

Roça Sundy Hotel
Príncipe Island

The Sundy Plantation House, or Roça, is situated in the far North of Príncipe Island, 10 km from the capital.

Roça Sundy’s two main houses have been carefully restored to create a journey back in time, with the maximum comfort.

The Colonial House is Roca Sundy’s main house, where the hotel services, restaurant and bar are to be found.

In the Plantation House, the style is more contemporary but with the same level of comfort and splendid views overlooking the plantation grounds or tropical forest.

The fact that the hotel shares its land with the local community will make your experience even more authentic and enriching.

Roça Sundy Hotel Príncipe
BomBom Resort Príncipe
Bom Bom Resort
Príncipe Island
 Closed for Refurbishment

Set between two beaches of emerald green water & sand bleached golden by the sun & tiny perfect shells, Bom Bom is still a well-kept secret in the tropical forest of the Island of Príncipe. Here the real luxury is the luminous simplicity of its rooms, the exotic scents of its flowers and the morning symphony which nature has prepared to awaken you with.

Each step across the 140 metre wooden bridge leading to the small islet hotel inspires a growing sense of wonderment and the promise to return.

Whether to wake up at the edge of the swimming pool, with a sea view or with your feet in the sand is the only difficult decision you will have to make! Be prepared to wake up early because life will be calling you.

Roça Belo Monte Hotel
Príncipe Island

Standing guard over five of its own beaches, including the world famous Banana Beach, the impeccably stylish and luxurious Belo Monte Plantation, offers rich colonial-era history coupled with idyllic beach paradise.
The exclusive boutique hotel with its authentic service and style, classical architecture and elegant designs is the preferred starting point to numerous excursions and expeditions to explore this unique and sensitive eco-system.

Choose from Manor House, Luxury Suite, Plantation Room, or Private Villa

Once normal travel resumes, the hotel will continue with their direct flight plans so that guests can fly from nearby capitals, such as Libreville, without the need to stop in São Tomé

Belo Monte Manor House Luxury Suite.jpg
São Tomé Island
Omali Pool São Tomé
Omali Hotel
São Tomé Island

Omali means “Ocean” and “Source of Life”.

This is the perfect place from which to explore the natural and cultural marvels of the equatorial island of São Tomé.

Whether you choose to stay only in São Tomé or stop here overnight enroute to Príncipe, you will find all you need from here.

Excursions to the main highlights such as Pico Çao Grande are regularly available, or request bespoke trips - for when you are not relaxing.

This elegant boutique hotel offers 30 comfortable rooms and suites for honeymoons, families and business trips.

Pestana 5 Star Hotel
São Tomé Island

São Tome's only 5 star ocean & spa hotel, located on the island of São Tomé by the seaside, in the Ana Chaves bay it offers a panoramic view of the ocean and

of the bay. A mere kilometer away from the centre of town and 10 minutes away from the International airport. The Pestana São Tomé offers its guests all the quality and services of a cosmopolitan hotel in a tropical paradise.

Luxury accommodation at affordable prices. The most comfortable base for exploring São Tomé or a few indulgent nights stopover to re-energise enroute to Príncipe.

Exterior 1.JPG
Pestana Miramar Hotel
São Tomé Island

Totally remodeled in 2017 the Pestana Miramar is an historic reference on the city of São Tomé, with a 4 star grading its located overlooking the ocean, on the 12th July Avenue and facing the Ana Chaves bay.

This historic unit is 5 minutes from the City Center and its “crown jewel” is undoubtedly the large pool surrounded by an exotic tropical garden and overhanging coconut trees. The location of the hotel is ideal for sea front strolls and as a starting point for the city exploration. Besides the existing services, you will also find a good offering and easy access to some of the coffee shops and restaurant attractions of the city.

Rolas Island - São Tomé
Pestana Equador Hotel
Island of Rolas, São Tomé
Closed for Refurbishment

The Pestana Equador, a 4 star resort and the only hotel on the 3 square kilometers island that is crossed by the Equator line .

Recently remodeled in multiple areas, the Pestana Equador is located on the island of Rolas. Overlooking the beach and enveloped by a tropical garden the resort faces the blue water channel that separates it from the the Island of São Tomé. A true nature paradise with white sandy beaches its an ideal location for a romantic sojourn, a sporting or leisure adventure.

About 75Kms from the city São Tomé it offers a restricted access by boat (approximately 20 minutes) from Porto Alegre -Ponta Baleia- in the Southern tip of the main island.

Designed to blend with nature it allows a continuous and intimate relation without forfeiting the services of a modern hotel.

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