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BomBom Principe
Charm and Natural Beauty in a Hidden Paradise
The beautiful Bom Bom Resort is closed for refurbishment until further notice
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From the temperature, geographical location, to the colours and exotic fruits, here everything is tropical. Surrender to the charm and natural beauty of this hidden paradise in Africa.

Set between two beaches of emerald green water and sand bleached golden by the sun with tiny perfect shells, the Bom Bom resort is still a well-kept secret in the tropical forest of the Island of Príncipe. Here the real luxury is the genuine warmth of those welcoming you, the luminous simplicity of its rooms, the exotic scents of its flowers and the morning symphony which nature has prepared to awaken you with. Each step across the 140 metre wooden bridge leading to the small islet that lends its name to the hotel inspires a growing sense of wonderment and the promise to return.

Crystal-clear water and an average temperature of 27º C the whole year round is something you can find in several parts of the world … but in Príncipe there is one big difference: a beach almost exclusively for you and the aromas of tropical fruits all around you. Immerse yourself in the green and golden tones of this idyllic setting.

And if rain doesn’t trouble you: try bathing in the sea in the rain!

Tropical Beach Bungalows BomBom Príncipe
Tropical Bungalows

19 bungalows surrounded by lush tropical forest, right on the beach. 

Whether to wake up at the edge of the swimming pool, with a sea view, among tropical trees, or with your feet in the sand is the only difficult decision you will have to make…

Be prepared to wake up early because life will be calling you!

Choose from:

Beach Bungalow (feet in the sand)

Garden Bungalow (among tropical trees)

Sea Bungalow (sea view)

Pool Bunglaow (edge of swimming pool)

All bunglaows include:

TV | Air conditioning | Phone | Internet | Refrigerator | Bed with mosquito net | Balcony and private bathroom

Earthly Pleasures

Mata-bala, jaca, cajá-manga, sape-sape, izaquente, fruta-pão, maquêqueê, micócó are just some of the exotic fruits offered up by the soil of Príncipe, as well as an abundance of bananas, passion fruit, pineapple, palm oil, coconut and cacao.

At the Bom Bom Restaurant you can try out most of these “super foods”, which obey the natural cycle of the seasons rather than human appetites. The Bom Bom menu is always simple, tropical and African. On special days, or simply at low tide, the tables spread out onto the beach and the memories of the flavours will create a lasting impression on your senses.

Earthly Pleasures Dining BomBom Príncipe
BomBom Spa Príncipe
 Bom Bom Spa
Harmony in Paradise

Bom Bom aims to offer its clients unforgettable relaxation. 

Methods are unique in combining facial and body treatments inspired by the plants of São Tomé and Príncipe. 

To give clients a truly memorable experience, natural products from Príncipe Island are used, like cacao, coconut oil, coffee and mango. 

Bom Bom spa cares about sustainability and that includes not only the origin of the products used, but the architecture and its location. That’s why the spa is set harmoniously within the surrounding nature with a paradisiacal view of the beach, Praia de Santa Rita, and the sound of the gently lapping waves.

Surrender to the marvels of relaxation and get the most out of your stay to re-energize your body and mind.

Prices start from as low as from €20 for a Manicure: Exfoliation with sugar and hibiscus (a flower common to Príncipe Island), mango hand mask and massage

Bom Bom Dive Centre

Bom Bom offers diving and snorkelling all year round and has a certified NAUI dive instructor. There are introductory dives and and PADI/NAUI courses. All divse are led by qualified professionals.

Explore the world under Príncipe, ancient volcanic island, home to spectacular rock formations, above and below the waterline.

Witness pristine reefs and dramatic seascapes and find yourself amidst reef fish and big game fish as well as endemic species of eels, wrasse, and shrimps.

It is not uncommon to find yourself swimming amidst schools of barracudas or snappers. The waters here are also home to variety of sharks, stingrays and octopuses. In addition, both Sao Tome & Principe are popular breeding grounds for turtles. With a strong conservation progamme in place on both islands, there is a very good chance of spotting one of these majestic creatures.

BomBom Dive Center Príncipe PADI
Jockey Cap Island Principe

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