The Wildlife of Zambia

Wild Dogs are regulars in Luangwa, where guests often report that they see these colourful dogs in true packs, not a common sighting across the rest of Africa.

Hundreds of bird also species make the Luangwa Valley their home. The Carmine Bee Eaters come by the thousands to nest in the cliffs of the Luangwa. Their amazing coloring of carmine red, baby blue and midnight blue make them in incredible sight. At the start of the season yellow crested storks by the hundreds come to nest in high trees which become covered in the feathers and down of the fledglings before they fly free

The Luangwa River runs right next to Zikomo Safari Lodge. It is the bringer of all life to the area. Here, at the height of the dry season, all the animals are drawn to the river. It is the perfect time to see the full wonder of this incredible place.

The camp’s location boasts some of the world's finest wildlife viewing: solitary leopards prowl the bush, prides of lions hunt on the floodplains, herds of elephant forage around and in the grounds of the camp. It is not unusual to be awakened by the sound of an elephant having her meal in the tree next to your window or a hippo mowing the grass with his giant mouth. The roaring of a male lion or the chuffing of a leopard are followed by the alarm calls of baboons. During dry season, large herds of buffalo follow the dwindling water in the Luangwa River and the flood plain is dotted with giraffe and impala picking off the last of the grasses.​

Loango Lodge



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