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Pico Çao Grande São Tome
Explore these Tropical Volcanic Islands 

Indulge yourself in São Tomé & Principe!


São Tomé, the larger island. It is the gateway to Príncipe, and home to the famous Pico Cão Grande & Claudio Corallo chocolate factory.


Príncipe, the smallest island, only 142km² with 60% of its territory a World Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO. 

It's population is less than 10,000!

Here you easily lose yourself to its marine life, beaches, forests, waterfalls, plantations, history & culture.


São Tomé 

Offering various tours for guests who stopover with our trusted supplier, Omali hotel, on their travels to Príncipe, or as a stand-alone trip to São Tomé.  

Beach South São Tomé

Full Day South Island Tour

Beaches, Culture, and Pico Cão grande

Some of the most beautiful landscapes of São Tomé. You will visit Água Izé plantation (one of the original 'Big Five' roças of São Tomé, this was the plantation that kicked off the cocoa industry in STP), Boca do 

Inferno, Ribeira Afonso town, São João plantation, Angolares town, 

Pesqueira beach waterfall, Malanza river, Porto Alegre, Jalé beach 

and Piscina beach 

Lunch & Views of Pico Grande included – Absence of Clouds not guaranteed! 

From € 129 per person (2 people) 

Prices vary per group size 

Monte Café São Tomé

Half Day Coffee Tour

Introduction to the treatment of coffee; Monte Café Plantation; Waterfall of S. Nicolau


This trip will take you up into the mountains to 800m above sea level where the air is fresh and clean. At Pousada de Boa Vista, you will have the view of the city of São Tomé, if the water permits. From here, you can reach the waterfall of Saint Nicolas by foot through the secondary rain forest in 45 minutes. By the waterfall take a cup of coffee with a local sweet. Then, descend to the coffee plantation of São Tomé. From here, coffee of high quality was exported to the whole world. Finally, you will witness the process of treatment of coffee in the traditional and modern way, before you return to city


From €81 Per Person (2 People) 

Prices vary per group size 

Sao Tome Fertile Soil Plantations

Full Day Plantations of the North

Culture and History of the Northern Cocoa and Coffee Plantations Estates 

The first stop will be at the historical mark of Fernão Dias. You will then continue to the estate of Boa Entrada where we will be able to testemony a particular part of colonial architecture. When you leave this estate, you will go to the plantation Agostinho Neto to visit the botanic garden and see the pompous architecture. Then, descend along the West Coast to the historical point of Anambô where the portuguese discoverers set foot on Santomean ground for the first time. Here you will take a refreshment and a snack. The tour at the plantation estate of Monteforte that will bring you back to the present: it is a plantation estate that still works with agriculture and cattle hold. And finally, a traditional lunch is served for you between sea and mountains. 

From€101 per person (2 people) 

Prices vary per group size 

Amelia Lagoon São Tomé

Lagoa Amélia | Obô Nature Park

View from Amélia Lagoon; Primary rain forest; Botanic garden of ECOFAC


Drive up to Bom Sucesso by 4WD. After a cup of coffee and a short visit to the Botanica Garden of ECOFAC, you will begin the walk through the zone of Esperança. After about an hour and a half of trekking you will arrive to the symbolic entrance of the Natural Parc Obô, where the primary forest begins. In front of you there is about 2 hours of steep climbing before arriving to the top of the volcanic Hill that leads to Lake Amelia. The Lake is full of rainwater that was gathered over time and is covered with a carpet of floating vegetation. It is not recommended to go into the Lake due to the high danger of contamination of the Lake’s microclimate which is the natural habitat of several endemic ornithological species. Then you will descend again to Bom Sucesso where the 4WD awaits you


From €104 Per Person (2 People) 

Prices vary per group size 

Statues São Tomé

Half Day City Tour

History & Culure

An introduction to the colonial history - starts with a visit to the Fortress of Saint Sebastian for an introduction to the colonial history of São Tomé and Príncipe. 

Thereafter, a drive to the Cathedral, an important landmark in the history of Catholicism in Africa; Independence Square where Independence was celebrated in 1975; The Municipal Market; the most important commercial houses in the city center and other buildings from colonial time. Take a stroll to feel the city pulse. Within the time frame of the tour, it is possible to combine the walk with shopping of i.e. handicraft with assistance from the guide. 

Lunch included 

From€73 per person (2 people) 

Prices vary per group size 

Claudio Corallo Chocolate São Tomé

Claudio Corallo Chocolate Factory

Chocolate offering the fresh and intense aromas of newly picked cacao

Visit the infamous Chocolate factory, world renowned for producing sought after pure chocolate, made from beans from the descendants of the original cacao plants bought to Africa in 1819. 

Open most days until 19h00. It is also possible to book a tour on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays – Tours start 16h40 

Taxis to the factory can easily be arranged from the Omali Hotel. 

This activity is not run by the hotel and is only payable directly to the factory. 

Equator Line Rolas Island São Tomê

Rolas Island

Equator Line

Visit the equator line on Rolas Islet. 

This tiny but beautiful island is located to the south of Sao Tome island. The island lies directly on the equator and is known for its beaches, it’s fantastic views, its palm trees, and its lighthouse. The little Ilheu das Rolas is absolutely marvelous, though it’s all wild, just like all of São Tomé. 

The equator line crosses this small Islet and there is an equator monument to honor the geodesist and cartographer Gago Coutinho who demonstrated the equator’s passage in the islet. Experience having one foot in the northern hemisphere and the other on the southern, when visiting the equator mark. 

From€181 per person (2 people) 

Prices vary per group size 


Explore this tiny ancient island by air, land, or sea. We offer an expansive variety of tours for guests staying with our highly experienced suppliers: Roça Sundy, BomBom, Sundy Praia, and Roça Belo Monte. 

Nature Trails from Roça Sundy, BomBom, or Praia
Parrot Peak Príncipe

Pico de Papagaio (Parrot Peak)

One of Principe’s most famous mountains. A vast rocky beacon situated on the edge of the UNESCO biosphere reserve, and visible from many points as you explore the island. 

This is the most challenging trail which takes six hours to conquer the summit. Rewarding you with jaw-dropping vistas that offer a bird’s eye view in all directions. 

Navigate primary and secondary forest, offering the chance to spot endemic monkeys, native birds, and spectacular orchids.


From €95 Per Person (2 people) 

Prices vary per group size


Less challenging nature trails below...

Oque Pipi or Montalegre Waterfall

This beautiful cascade is well worth the steep, 45-minute hike to reach it. 

At the foot of this rarely visited waterfall is a lagoon with crystal-clear waters, where you can swim, wonderfully refreshing after the deep humidity of the jungle. Immerse yourself in the dense forests on your way back down, looking out for wildlife and medicinal plants as you go.

From€70 per person (2 people) 

Prices vary per group size 

Ribeira Izé

Ribeira Izé was Principe’s first capital. There is virtually nothing left to even suggest that the city once lay here, aside from a crumbling church and the remains of a plantation house belonging to Maria Correia, the daughter of a Brazilian immigrant who is remembered for the dynamic way she led her slaves. As you walk through the decaying remains, fascinating stories will emerge. 

From enormous swathes of rainforest, where cacao grows naturally alongside coffee plants and banana trees, to desolate blonde beaches and historic ruins, this is a remarkably varied two-hour walk. 

From €30 per person (2 people)

Prices vary per group size

Infante Plantation House

Roça Infante D. Henrique is an old plantation house abandoned by the colonialists after the island’s independence. 

Today it is covered in vegetation and is situated about 18 km from Santo António. On the way to Roça Infante, we also pass the plantation house, Roça da Ribeira Fria, where we can sometimes visit Sr. Romão, a farmer in this part of the island, and try his fresh produce. Carry on until the Praia General Fonseca, an old harbour used by the Roça to dispatch its produce, where a boat will then take you back to your hotel 

From €150 per person (2 people)

Prices vary per group size

Santa Joaquina

Visit the largest Roça (Plantation House) on Príncipe Island, with its Cape Verdean traces. This trail will take you to the old lookout point for ships, enjoy a picnic here with the best view over the town of Santo António. On your way back, help promote the sustainability of the planet and learn about a new project that involves transforming glass into jewellery. 

From €80 per person (2 people)

Prices vary per group size

Nature Trails from Roça Belo Monte

9 Beaches: Praia Banana | Preta | Francine | Macaco | Boi | da Uba | Grande | Burra | Caju 

A guided hike along eight of the north eastern beaches of Príncipe. The hike takes you along the same path as ‘4 Beaches’ but instead of turning around at Praia Macaco, you carry on along to the other beaches. Between Praia da Uba and Praia Grande you’ll find some tide pools. The circular route takes us down to Praia Burra and back to Roça Belo Monte. 


From €10 Per Person (2 people) 

Prices vary per group size


Difficult - 6 hours

Less challenging trails below...

Praia Banana Beach Príncipe

4 Beaches: Praia Banana | Preta | Francine | Macaco 

A guided hike along four of the north eastern beaches of Príncipe. You follow the edges of pristine beaches with blue water and coconut palms. There’s a handful of moderate challenges and some dense jungle to navigate through on this exiting route. The way back to Roça Belo Monte leads through the forest. 

From€7.50 per person

Moderate - 4 hours

Roça Paciência 

Walk out the gate and follow the road to Santo António. After 2 km turn right and then left to enter the premises of Roça Paciência. Walk through the gardens, visit the small laboratory and visit the shop where you can buy some of the organic products that have been produced at the Roça. Return the same way to Roça Belo Monte. Check the opening hours of the laboratory and shop before you go. 

€0 No guide required.

These are easy tours that do not necessitate guides 

Praia Burra 

Walk down to Praia Banana, turn left to Praia Caju and follow the beach till you’re in the fishing village of Praia Burra. Walk around and you may have a chance to see fish being dried and the fishing nets being repaired. Watch the fisherman go out at the end of the afternoon and enjoy the sunset at Praia Caju on your way back before returning to Roça Belo Monte.



€0 No guide required.

These are easy tours that do not necessitate guides 

Roça Paciência & Praia Burra  - Combination

Combine the two above mentioned walks. After the visit of Roça Paciência you walk out of the Roça the same way you entered and now turn left to continue the road you came from. This road will end in Praia Burra. Turn right and return via Praia Caju, Praia Banana and back to Roça Belo Monte.






€0 No guide required.

These are easy tours that do not necessitate guides 

Marine Excursions from Roça Sundy, BomBom, or Praia
Boat Excursion Príncipe

Bay of Needles Boat Trip 

This will impress you with some of the most spectacular views of the west side of the National Park. 

Phonolite towers rising up out of the skyline give Baî das Agulhas (Bay of Needles) its name. One of the most sheltered spots on the edge of the National Park, it will give you some tranquil moments, surrounded by nature in its purest state 

From €125 per person inc. snacks, towel & snorkelling gear. 

Prices vary per group size

Beaches of North East Boat Trip 

This trip is designed for Sea and Beach lovers. Discover Príncipe’s most beautiful beaches on the northeast of the island 

All Marine Trips can be upgraded to include a fish picnic lunch on the beach for €50 per person 

It is possible to hire a boat for an island tour or private tour at €400 half-day or €600 full-day inc. snacks, towel & snorkelling gear

From €95 per person inc. snacks, towel & snorkelling gear. 

Prices vary per group size

Diving from BomBom

Bom Bom Island has a PADI dive centre where you can dive the crystal-clear turquoise waters of Sao Tome and Principe to discover a world rich with tropical marine life. 

Within a few minutes of being in the water, you’ll be diving amongst snapper, parrot fish, barracuda, nurse sharks, moray eels, turtles, gorgonian sea fans and volcanic boulders covered in colourful yellow, orange and red hard corals. At the time of writing, there is no hyperbaric chamber available on either of the islands. 

From €95 per person inc. snacks, towel & snorkelling gear. 

Prices vary per group size

Marine Excursions from Roça Belo Monte

Island Round Trip 

Traveling by boat gives you the opportunity to see Príncipe’s amazing landscape from another perspective. The boat will stop at selected snorkelling spots and drop you off at a few deserted beaches. Enjoy a picnic under the coconut trees and relax in the sun. Create a collage of the best beaches! 

Whole day

Maximum 6 persons 

€200 Per Person (Couple) 

Roça Belo Monte Beach Hike

20 Beaches Tour

Western, Northern & Eastern Beaches.

As with the Island round trip, the boat will stop at selected snorkelling spots and drop you off at deserted beaches.

5 hours

Minimum 2 people

€90 per person

10 Beaches Tour

Northern & Eastern Beaches.

As with the other boat trips, the boat will stop at selected snorkelling spots and drop you off at deserted beaches.

3 hours

Minimum 2 people

€60 per person

Scuba Diving

Be guided in an underwater experience you won’t forget, by boat, shore or at night, the underwater life is unique with a range of Carribbean, Indian Ocean and endemic species.

10 dive sites to explore.

All boat diving tours include full gear and water

From €50 per Person (Couple)

Whale Watching

From July to October the humpback whales are seen, and often heard singing from the various lookout points on the island. View them by boat to get closer. These amazing creatures are something for all to see, watching move through the water, with such grace and ease for such huge animals.

From €250 per tour

(maximum 6 people)

Turtle Hatchlings Príncipe

Turtle Watching

From All Establishments

No matter which of our venues host your stay, from October to April you will be able to accompany the monitoring of female sea turtles about to lay their eggs on the beaches of Principe island, between September and February.

Fom December to April, the hatchlings emerge and rush into the ocean as quickly as possible, to start their lives wandering the open ocean as far as Brazil and Portugal.

You’ll get to learn about sea turtles and the conservation of this threatened species. Without a doubt, it’s a magical experience you’ll never forget.

From€181 per person (2 people) 

Prices vary per group size 

4x4 Excursions from Roça Sundy, BomBom or Praia

Explore the South 

This excursion will take you around the South of Príncipe Island, beginning with the traditional fishing village of Praia Abade. There’s a stop at the Nova Estrela (New Star) Viewing Point to take in the stunning panoramic view of the Ilhéu Boné de Jóquei (Jockey Cap Island), followed by the Terreiro Velho Viewing Point with its spectacular view of the national park to the east, and São Joaquim, to the west.

Half day

From €60 Per Person (Couple) 

Principe Jockey Cap View

Plantations Tour

Learn all about the secrets of organic farming at the plantation house, Roça Paciência. Savour the different aromas and tastes of Príncipe Island’s aromatic herbs and medicinal plants, visit the gardens and see how the products are transformed into delicious jams, tropical muesli, toiletries and beauty products.

Half day 

From €60 per person (couple)

Cocoa Route

Discover the secrets of cacao. Enjoy a half day on the plantation, and understand the process from planting and harvesting the fruit of cacao, to its transformation and production of chocolate

Half day

€75 per person (couple) inc. cocoa product tasting

From Roça

Explore Príncipe

This is a great way of getting to know the island’s culture and outstanding scenery in a single day. It includes a visit to the smallest capital in the world, and its loveliest corners. You’ll also be able to observe close up some of the secrets of our organic farming and experience different aromas and tastes, as well as enjoying a marvellous traditional local meal. Come and be a Principiano for a day.


Full Day

From €95 per person (couple) inc. lunch at a local restaurant

4x4 or Quad & Hike Combination Excursions from Roça Belo Monte
Oque Pipi Waterfall Principe

Drive & Hike Combination Day

Monte Alegre Waterfall | History | Wildlife | Plantation | Science

This excursion provides another combination of Príncipe’s unique nature and culture. You’ll experience some of Príncipe’s sights passing through villages and forest during the 45 min drive to the starting point of the walk to the waterfall. The walk itself winds through secondary forest and brings you along old ruins of bridges and impressive bamboo cathedrals. When you discover the waterfall through the trees it’s a steep descent to the basin – appropriate footwear required. Upon reaching the waterfall feel free to take a refreshing dip in its basin. Keep a look out for wildlife on your way: if you’re lucky you’ll find the endemic palm forest tree frog! Interesting butterflies and kingfishers may also cross your path. On the other side of the river you can climb up to visit a huge Kapok tree, said to be planted by the island’s first settlers. The walk leads the same way back. After the visit to Monte Alegre you’ll drive to Roça Sundy, the biggest plantation on the island which has been converted into a hotel. Here you still see the (remains of) the large hospital, church, workshop with remains of the old machines, the stables, coffee and cacao roasting facilities and quarters for hundreds of plantation workers. It was here that in 1919 Arthur Eddington proved Albert Einstein’s relativity theory. In our Museum you find more information about it.

From €35 Per Person (Couple) 

San Antonio

Heading out from Roça Belo Monte you travel through the small capital of Santo António to the south-east of the island. You will then enjoy a 1.5 hr walk through pristine forest. See if you can discover one of the islands’ endemic birds on your way! When getting to Oquê Pipi waterfall, feel free to take a refreshing splash in its natural swimming pool. After walking back to the entrance of the forest, a short drive will take you to Roça Terreiro Velho, the house and plantation of Claudio Corallo where he harvests cacao for his chocolate factory in São Tomé. It’s not possible to visit the house or to see the harvesting, but you can take some pictures of the breath-taking views. After the visit you’ll drive back to Santo António.

From €30 per person

Roça Porto Real

After passing the centre of Santo António you will stop at the old manor house of Roça Porto Real. Once its hospital was more important than the one in Santo António. Remnants of the Roça’s old tiles are still visible – try to spot the tile with Santo António. You’ll also visit the glass beads factory where jewellery is made from old glass bottles. There is a little shop to take some home. A little drive further you start the walk up to the hilltop in Obô National Park where you’ll have beautiful views over Santo António. You return the same way.

From €30 per person

Military Caves

The car drops you off just past the airport where your walk starts with a deep decent to the fresh water caves. These caves are a source of fresh water for drinking, washing clothes and bathing. The water is colder than most other water on the island and thus extremely refreshing. A gentle walk through the forests from the airport down to Praia Campania, where you can stop for a drink at Makaira lodge, then further over the rocks to Praia Burra, Praia Caju and Praia Banana and the hill up back to Roça Belo Monte.

From €40 per Person 

Pico Papagaio

Looking up from the bridge over Rio Papagaio in Santo António you see Pico Papagaio towering over the city. It has a height of 680 meters and is situated in the centre of the island. You’ll follow the old Roça road until you reach the farm of Ramosh, one of our guides. From there you start the walk. The trail gets steeper closer to the top. On the difficult spots there are ropes to climb. From the top you have gorgeous views over the island and you will be getting a true panoramic view of Santo António. This hike also allows you to explore some of Príncipe’s forest biodiversity – see how the vegetation changes with altitude.

From €40 per tour

Guided Quad Tours from Roça Belo Monte
Principe Quad Tour Roça Belo Monte

Santo Antonio, Porto Real, Sao Joaquim, Fresh water Lagoon

After breakfast you will get safety instructions and a short quad drive lesson. Make sure you have your driver license with you. Then the tour can begin!

You’ll drive to the main town Santo António where you’ll stop at the local market to see the fresh produce from the local farmers and the fresh fish caught in the morning as well as how the fish is preserved. After that you’ll visit the oldest church of Príncipe that is still in service. From there you’ll go to Porto Real, an old plantation where you can visit the glass beads factory where local ladies use old glass bottles to create jewelry. Watch the process from crushing the glass to casting in the molds and see the clay ovens they use. There is a little shop where you can buy the jewelry. From there you drive to São Joaquim, an old coffee, cacao, palm oil plantation from where you have a beautiful view on most of the impressive peaks of the island, among which Monte Pai, Monte Filho, Pico Mesa and Pico Papagaio. There after you’ll walk to a fresh water lagoon. Swim and relax in the sun, enjoy a light picnic and explore the surroundings rich with birds and other interesting animals and plants. After that it is time to return.

€30 per person (2 people sharing a quad) 

Chocolate pods principe

Roça Paciencia, Nova Estrela, Abade, Roça Abade, Praia Pontinho 

After breakfast you will get safety instructions and a short quad drive lesson. Make sure you have your drivers license with.

You’ll drive to Roça Paciência to see all the local vegetable, herbs and spices the plantation produces. The plantation also makes other products using local produce, including soaps and balms. From there you’ll drive the back roads to Nova Estrela, an active cacao plantation. Here you can see how the cacao is harvested and processed for transport to the mainland chocolate manufactures.

After that you’ll drive to a small fishing village named Abade. See how the local people catch and preserve fish, how they make the matting used for matrices and padding out of the Estrela tree leaves. The village ends in Roça Abade, where the main building has been restored into a restaurant, a nice place to have a drink. After the visit, take a swim and a light picnic at Praia Pontinho before returning to Roça Belo Monte


€30 Per Person (2 people sharing quad) 

São Lorenço Celebrations from Roça Belo Monte
Culture Sao Tome

Only on August 15 and the last Sunday of August 

Once brought to the island to entertain the Portuguese settlers, this true epic street theater is performed once a year by the entire population of Príncipe. On August 15 and on the last Sunday of August the city of Santo António is turned into a stage for the largest festivity of the year, the Auto de Floripes, also known as São Lourenço. This medieval play is based on episodes narrated in the storybook of the life of the Emperor Charlemagne and his twelve knights. It is about the battle between the Moors, dressed in red and orange, and the Christians, in blue, white and green. After a Christian has wounded one of the Moors, he is taken prisoner. When he is facing execution, the young Princess Floripes converts to Christianity and marries him, thus saving him and the other knights.

The play starts at 7.00 a.m. but most action takes place in the afternoon. At about 20.00 p.m. the play finishes when the Moorish admiral is taken prisoner because he refuses to convert to Christianity. A children’s São Lourenço takes place a few days before, on August 10th. Here, the new generation plays a shortened version of the story.

In connection with these festivities small bars, restaurants and shops are built up in the city centre that will only be there in the month of August.

€15 per person (couple)

Helicopter Tours from Roça Belo Monte
Helicopter Tour Príncipe Roça Belo Monte

Island Tour 

A scenic flight around the entire island looking at the ancient landscapes, coastal views of the sandy beaches and black rocky shores. This trip is one of the few opportunities to explore the rough south side of the island, with its large elevations covered by forest, inaccessible by car. The tour also takes you past Santo António, giving you an aerial view of one of the smallest cities in the world and around the islet of Boné do Joquei with a heathy population of white-tailed tropic birds nesting on the rock face

30 Minutes

€295 Per Person (minimum 2 people) 

North Tour of Island & Beaches

Flying eastwards gives you beautiful aerial views of the coastline, with crashing waves on the rocks and sandy beaches surrounded by turquoise waters. The flight takes you past Santo António, with views onto Boné do Joquei and Oquê Pipi. Heading westward you circumnavigate the Isle of Bom Bom moving along the coastline towards Baia das Aghulas (Bay of Needles), with great views of the southern mountainous landscapes and peaks before returning

15 Minutes

€149 per person (minimum 2 people)

Short Introductory Heli Tour

This tour takes you on a short trip around the northern sections of the island, with views onto the various beaches and rocky shores, before heading back. 

10 Minutes 

€99 per person (minimum 2 people)

Wherever you stay in Príncipe you will be spoilt for choice of dreamy white sand beaches with palm trees for relaxation & tropical adventures aplenty waiting for you.

Roça Belo Monte, BomBom and Sundy Praia also offer free kayaking, snorkelling, and paddle boarding in the beaches around their establishments.

Roça Sundy, BomBom, and Sundy Praia also offer cooking workshops and birdwatching tours

Prices & Booking

Prices can vary according to group size. Activities can be pre-arranged or booked onsite. Pre-arrangement guarantees a place, recommended for those making short trips with less flexibility. Especially at peak times


Activities can be paid for onsite by cash or credit card at Roça Belo Monte.

Activities can be can be pre-paid or paid for onsite by cash or credit card at Roça Sundy, BomBom, and Sundy Praia.

Jockey Cap View Príncipe


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