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Akaka Loango Gabon
Jungles of Tarzan & Beaches of Elephants

Can't decide on one destination? Consider a combination package for exploring multiple Gabonese parks.

The journeys are long, but the memories will last longer and true wilderness is far from anyone's door step!

African Forest Elephant Akaka Loango Gabon

Loango National Park with its mosaic of habitats on the West coast of Gabon is See Wild Travel’s original destination where you can trek wild gorillas and go whale watching in the same day!

Offering remote and exclusive opportunities to experience this park without the feeling of being among other tourists.

Often we are able to arrange tailor-made tours during your stay here.

There is the main base, Loango Lodge, situated at the edge of the Iguela lagoon. 

Our Wild Camps give you opportunity to really be at one with nature and sleep inside the National Park.

Pongara Lodge is close to the shore, with its private cabins nestled between the forest and the beach, in Pongara National Park where its sense of seclusion is only interrupted by the extraordinary wildlife.

 Pongara Lodge nestles in the heart of the national park, singularly distinguished by its remarkable diversity of primates, plants, birds and marine life along with its shimmering estuary — a ribbon of mirrored waterway that cuts through mangrove swamps and flooded forest. .

However, it is the national park’s marine reserve where the action steps up a notch for several months.

Mandrill Trekking Lopé Gabon

Lopé National Park has a rich history and is now a UNESCO World Heritage site.

La Lopé Hotel is situated inside the park, dominated by Mount Brazza and with the Ogooué river meandering by, La Lope offers panoramic stunning views .

Another exclusive location, perfectly remote and yet close to all of the highlights,

Mandrill trekking is available in Lope National Park from June to August, a time when the Mandrills colours are at their brightest.

NOW AVAILABLE - One of our most sought-after destinations that we are incredibly excited to offer.

With its super dense, tangled, jungles, legendary rivers and thundering waterfalls; Kongou, Mingouli and Djidji, Ivindo National Park guards within its realms some of Gabon‘s most captivating biodiversity. It is so remote that hardly anythings interrupts its glory, except for the magnificent wildlife that make the forests boom with life.  It hosts the magnificent Langoué Baï — the fifth largest forest clearing in equatorial Africa and one of the most pristine ecosystems in the world.

Certainly a tour for our most adventurous travellers with high fitness levels that are suitable for dense jungle hikes.

Elephant Kougou Falls Ivindo Gabon
Silverback Gorilla Loango Gabon


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