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Kougou Falls Ivindo Gabon

Super Dense & Tangled Jungles, Legendary Rivers & Thundering Waterfalls

NOW AVAILABLE! - Ivindo National Park is one of our most sought-after destinations that we are incredibly excited to offer!

With its super dense & tangled jungles, legendary rivers and thundering waterfalls; Kongou, Mingouli and Djidji, Ivindo National Park guards within its realms some of Gabon‘s most captivating biodiversity. It is so remote that hardly anything interrupts its glory, except for the magnificent wildlife that makes its forests boom with life.  It hosts the magnificent Langoué Bai — the fifth largest forest clearing in equatorial Africa and one of the most pristine ecosystems in the world. Here you will see a gathering of forest elephants, western lowland gorillas, and a multitude of other exotic species even the rare pangolin, golden cat, or a leopard or two. And when you journey by pirogue or on foot, you will discover worlds lost in time.

Kougou falls Ivindo Gabon

Kougou Forest Camp offers very basic, traditional wooden jungle cabins with three of them serving as guest dormitories and each outfitted with single beds and mosquito netting.

There is no electricity or hot water so you will find a real “explorers” adventure. With evenings only lit up by paraffin lamps and showers in.the Ivindo River which flows directly behind the buildings. You will never feel more at one with nature than when you have bathed in a river such as Ivindo, as the sun goes down and the jungle quickly transforms into darkness.

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Langoué Bai is Ivindo's other main highlight, where many elephants and gorillas come for the minerals the bai offers. Presenting fantastic opportunities to see these shy animals out in the open. Viewings a from a 'mirador', the watchtower created for and still used for research.

When guests visit the Bai from Boué, they can stay in Dilo Base Camp, which is located in the southern region of the park, or sleep in the watchtower overnight - an amazing experience to awake in the Bai and immediately see which visitors are already looking for breakfast in and around the bai!


To plan your trip, it is important to note that Kougou Falls is only accessible from Makoukou Village, which is either a 12-hour drive from Libreville or a five hour drive from Booué.

You can end the trip either in Lopé National Park or in Libreville (based on your personal preference).

This trip is aimed at those who are physically fit and, if you are going to Kongou Falls then you need to be a competent swimmer as there is a 3-hour pirogue journey through rapids to reach the falls from Makokou.  

Silverback Gorilla Loango Gabon


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