Pongara Beach Lodge Cabins Gabon
Now Open to Citizens & Residents
See Below for More Info
Private Beach Cabins nestled between the forest and beach

Pongara Lodge is now open to citizens & residents.

Do get in contact for the latest discounted rates, check availability, and to make bookings.

Currently we are unable to receive international guests because of the strict requirements: you can only enter Gabon if you arrive with a negative Covid test no older than 3 days plus take a test on arrival and wait in self-isolation until the results come through. Interprovincial travel is also restricted and requires proof of negative covid test no older than 14 days for every passage.  Visas are also very difficult to obtain for travel.

As soon as these restrictions are eased to become more travel friendly we will welcome international guests again.

Pongara Lodge in Pongara National Park is our new and exciting beach & forest camp where you can relax on Gabon’s most pristine beaches. It is home to a diverse array of protected marine ecosystems which form part of Gabon’s network of marine parks and aquatic reserves

Under 1 hour from Libreville via boat transfer, Pongara lodge is easily accessible from Gabon’s capital, Libreville. This is the perfect add-on destination to your African adventures in Gabon.

Pongara Beach Lodge Accommodation Gabon

Pongara Lodge is small and exclusive, located on the beachfront with 11 beautifully furnished beach cabins and the main lodge, which features a restaurant and bar with equally tantalising views of the ocean.  Bungalows feature queen-size beds, and an ensuite bathroom. The defining touch, however, are the views from your private balcony of the Atlantic within your sights.



The beach restaurant is the perfect place to relax while appreciating the beach views and calming sounds of waves lapping against the shore.

Sample the chefs local dishes offered up by the ocean, or international cuisine fused with Gabonese flavours.


You may not be alone when dining...sometimes the restaurant has some unexpected guests!

Elephant Beach Restaurant Pongara Gabon
Mangrove Forest Pongara Gabon


at your Leisure

Pongara is often enjoyed by guests on their way home after adventures in Loango or Lopé. It is the perfect place to relax before flying home.

It is also a great park to visit as a stand-alone destination for those keen to see turtles and marine life 

Every rainy season turtles come in high densities to the shores to nest, normally at night. This is Pongara’s highlight from Novemebr to February.

Beyond the shoreline is mosaic of forest, mangroves and savannas, full of life, including a vast population of monkeys, apes, elephants, rare and exotic bird species, and much much more.




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