Louri Wild Camp Tent Loango Gabon
Now Open to Local Residents
See Below for More Info
Louri River Camp Bathroom Loango Gabon
Wilderness Retreat overlooking the Louri River

Louri River Camp (and Akaka Jungle Camp) is now open to Local Residents only.

Do get in contact for the latest discounted rates, check availability, and to make bookings.

Please note that gorilla trekking is not available and that Louri Camp has an age restriction for children: 6+ years only.

Currently we are unable to receive international guests because of the strict requirements: you can only enter Gabon if you arrive with a negative Covid test no older than 5 days plus take a test on arrival and wait in quarantine until the results come through. Interprovincial travel is also restricted and requires proof of negative covid test no older than 5 days for every passage. This simply will not work for guests wanting to visit Loango because they will need to take tests and go into quarantine when they arrive in Gabon, and then before they leave Port Gentil (closest city to Loango).

As soon as these restrictions are eased to become more travel friendly we will welcome international guests again.

Louri River Camp is within a small forest pocket overlooking the Louri River, just a short kayak and hike from the beach, and surrounded by savannas. It is best enjoyed in the rainy season when the larger mammals such as elephants and buffalo are on the savannas and on the beaches. If you are really lucky then you might be witness to Loango's famous surfing hippos! These aren't often spotted but when they are it is a real unique and special moment that even the most adventurous travellers have not usually seen.

Louri Wild Camp Tent Loango Gabon

Offering an intimate, uninterrupted bush experience, Louri Wilderness Camp is perfect for forgetting all the troubles of the modern world and immersing oneself in unspoilt nature, with just the right amount of bush luxury. Including an open-air, under the stars, private shower.

Just a kayak and short walk to the beach, and minutes from sprawling savannas.

Immerse yourself in Loango National Park

After showering under the stars and sleeping amidst the magic of the forest, wake up in serenity & step outside your tent to enjoy your morning coffee from your forest dwelling while taking the views of the Louri River & listening to the ocean waves that lie just beyond it.

Dine in the restaurant next to the river, while looking for visiting buffalo, hippos, and more.

Buffalo Louri River Loango Gabon


At your Own Pace

Louri Camp gives you the chance to stay in the heart of Loango's mosaic of habitats and explore in your own style and at your own speed.

Kayaking on the river is a perfect way to immerse your self into the surroundings.

During the rainy season it is possible to cross at night with a guide and then take a short walk to the beach in search of nesting turtles.

Forest hikes, 4 x 4  safaris, and boat safaris are also great ways to explore.




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