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Loango's New Main Base - N'dola!

When the pandemic hit in early 2020 Loango's  lodges suddenly became empty.  Management took this opportunity to  make some improvements...

The original Loango Lodge has been replaced with a brand new main base just a 5-minute boat ride down the Iguela river, towards the river mouth.

This new luxurious tented lodge benefits from its close position to the beach and river mouth where hippos visit regularly.

All of the same facilities (apart from a swimming pool but hey...there's water all around!) and activities are on offer from this exciting new base, which serves as the gateway into Loango National Park.


Loango National Park is a well established, sought-after "off the beaten track" destination for tourists, offering the chance to experience raw tropical Africa with local expert guides.

Loango is the only place in Gabon where you can trek gorillas and stay in the comfort of tourist lodge, see our gorilla trekking blog to get a taste of this awesome adventure.

Safari drives in the savannas, forest hikes, boat safaris, and much much more is also on offer in Loango; in the rainy season you can witness elephants and buffalo strolling along the coastline, in the dry season delve deeper into the park where the interior jungles and primary rainforests come into their peak.


Enchanting Tents

Beautiful & grand private tents with bathroom, shower, and personal terrace.

Glamping in the rainforest!.

All  have one bedroom and are designed  for couples or solo travellers.

Families with children over the age of 6 years are welcome. and each child will share 1 tent with 1 adult caregiver in their group.

The epitome of tranquility, on the edge of Loango National Park & the Iguela River, with views of the river mouth as you dine on the chef's local and international cuisine.

In the evening you will be dining under the stars, with the sounds of the jungle all around you. Sometimes you can also hear the waves of the Ocean that sits around the corner.

Sunsets are glorious and definitely call for sundowners on the beach or a river cruise to soak up their glory and make memories never to be forgotten.


Whether its been a long, humid gorilla trek, or a laid-back lagoon tour, back at Ndola main base you can recuperate and unwind at your own pace before dinner and drinks overlooking the lagoon, or your next safari tour.

Relax, enjoy refreshments in the bar, or chill on your private terrace. 

All are in close proximity and at your disposal.

 Practise your photography skills with the wildlife at your doorstep..


What's Out There?

Loango is a true mosaic...on the exterior are vast savannas, forest pockets, lagoons, lakes, mangroves, and beaches.

Delve further into the interior and you will find deep tropical jungles, large bais, and pristine primary forest, not to mention the habituated gorilla group, and Akaka Jungle Camp.

See the Wild Camp Adventure that could feature in Your Stay in Loango
Louri Camp Laongo3.jpg
Louri River Camp

Rainy Season

Akaka Jungle Camp Loango Gabon.JPG
Akaka Jungle Camp

Dry Season

Silverback Gorilla Loango Gabon


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