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Tropical Jungle Camp Overlooking the Bais and Lagoons of Akaka

Akaka Wild Camp is in its peak during July, August, and September.  

Please note Akaka Camp has an age restriction for children: 10+ years only.

Akaka Jungle Camp offers the ultimate tropical “Tarzan of the Jungle” experience, where you find giant trees, multi-coloured fungi, duikers, elephants meandering among the trees and foliage, and you may even hear the booming sounds of chimpanzees. This camp really comes to life in the dry season when the the animals move to the previously unaccessible bais and jungles. An awesome time to take a boat safari along the rivers that pass by the bais, with many crocodiles and equatorial bird species along the way.

Wild Camp Tent Bathroom Akaka Loango Gabon


  Jungle Tents

Offering an intimate, uninterrupted "Tarzan of the Jungle" experience, Akaka Camp is perfect for forgetting all the troubles of the modern world and immersing oneself in unspoilt nature, with just the right amount of luxury. 

Shower under the stars surrounded by the songs of the jungle.

Leave the rest of the world behind and feel like you've gone back to a time before humans existed..


Elephant View

After showering under the stars and sleeping amidst the magic of the jungle, wake up in serenity & step outside your tent to enjoy your morning coffee from your jungle dwelling while taking the views of the Akaka lagoon and it's impressive bais which attract many elephants & other jungle inhabitants.

Hippos regularly frequent the waters surrounding around the camp. In fact, it is almost impossible to dine alone in the jungle!

For the evening there is a bug proof indoor dining area.

Akaka Camp Restaurant Loango Gabon
Red Capped Mangabey Loango Gabon


  Wild & Raw

Boat Safaris along the lagoon during the dry season offer superb wildlife viewings with minimal effort. Bringing you up close & personal to elephants at the edge of the bais.

Jungle hikes are perfect for the more adventurous explorer who dreams of discovering a truly wild African Jungle.

Elephants, apes, monkeys, buffalo, duikers, birds, bugs, and more....what will you discover?

Head out on a kayak for a more gentle exploration of the waterways.



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