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welcome to Gabon 


Safari Tours

A mosaic of habitats, Loango National Park is one of the only places you can take a safari tour to spot large forest dwelling mammals such as elephants & buffalo on tropical beaches, savannas, rain forests, & Swamps

Hop off  the vehicle and into  rich Okoume forests to look for monkeys, duikers, reptiles, chimps and more!


Affordable Lowland Gorilla Trekking

in Loango, Gabon

Unlike Mountain gorillas, only a handful of lowland gorillas are habituated to human presence. Grab a rare insight into gorilla life that even the best traveled explorer probably hasn't experienced, at a price unrivaled by all others.


Sport Fishing

Are you looking for a huge catch? Gabon has some of the world's largest fish species. Why not come to a tropical paradise in search of giants. Get in touch with See Wild Travels to learn about our world class fishing destination for a sport fishing adventure. You may break one of Gabon's world records. 

Bird Spotting

Having a Big Year? Why not add a new destination?

Loango National Park has 100's of endemic and Congo Basin species. The park offer easily accessible areas such as savannas, rain forests and swamps.  

Whale Watching

From mid-July to mid-September, humpback whales visit the coastline of Loango National Park. Go out on a boat with our skipper to look for these impressive, playful mammals.