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Welcome to Gabon 


Gabon, a tiny country packed with diverse wildlife and conservation strategies implemented by its own President straddles the Equator on the west coast of Central Africa, nestled between Equitorial Guinea, Cameroon and Congo.

Tropical rainforests cover over 80% of this beautifully preserved tropical paradise, with a population so small that you can become so completely lost within its beauty that you feel you have gone back in time to a world before humans existed.

Since 2003 10% of the country has been proudly protected under the order of the late President, Omar Bongo Ondimba, who created the 13 National Parks and a Park's agency to manage it: Agence Nationale des Parcs Nationaux (ANPN) One the largest proportions of nature parkland in the world.

Spread throughout the land interrupting the rainforests are coastal plains, coastal forests, mountains, savannas, mangroves, and swamps. All containing various highly-sought-after wildlife viewing, much of which is protected by local law, and the focus of conservation and research initiatives such as Gabon Bleu, Gabon Green, Wildlife Conservation Society, World Wildlife Fund, WildAid, and many more. 

Mellow Western Lowland Gorillas gently amble the forests, naturally elusive they can be difficult to observe

unless you are in Loango National Park. Here you can catch a glimpse into the life of Gabon's gorillas by going on a gorilla trekking experience. In Ivindo there is an idyllic setting with a high watch platform overlooking a large bai, often visited by gorillas, chimpanzees, elephants, buffalo, and much more. 

Trekking highly animated, robust, and inquisitive chimpanzees should be possible in Loango in the future.

Forest elephants, the savanna species smaller cousins can be found dominating the rainforests, awkwardly navigating swamps and mangroves, and even strolling along Gabon's beaches. .

Many monkey species bring the forest canopies alive, not just the canopies but also the forest floor is frequented by more terrestrial species such as the distinct and brightly colored Mandrills. Roaming the forests in groups of 200+. In Lopé you can go Mandrill trekking in search of their habituated group.

Anywhere in Gabon, you will never be far from its wide array wildlife, also including equatorial bird species, at seasonal migratory birds. Nor the multitude of other wildlife roaming its diverse habitats: duikers, sitatunga, crocodiles, pangolins, snakes, creepy-crawlies, and, not forgetting it's marine life.



Gabon has recently committed itself to having one of Africa’s largest marine protected areas, protecting more than 20 species of whales and dolphins, including humpback whales and Atlantic humpback dolphins, and four species of marine turtles, among them the world’s largest breeding leatherback turtle population and the Atlantic Ocean’s largest breeding olive ridley turtle population.

This new network consists of nine new national marine parks and 11 new aquatic reserves, means that combined with the country’s three existing marine zones some 53,000 square kilometres of ocean will be protected. Gabon Bleu was ordered by the coutnrys current president, Ali Bongo, son of late president Omar Bongo Ondimba.


See Wild Travels already offers 2 expertly run lodges in Gabon, Loango Lodge and it's wildlife camps in Loango National park & Pongara Beach Lodge in Pongara National Park. Soon Lopé's Moabi Wildlife Camp will be opening,  and in July 2020 Ivindo's Kougou Forest Wildlife Camp is expected to be ready to receive guests. Making it possible to embark on an incredible journey to see Gabon's major attractions under the care & guidance of expert staff, highly experienced in proven tourism success within this wonderland that is Gabon


Gabon boasts 50-60% of the world's remaining 45,000 forest elephants, largely due to a tiny human population coupled with a strong conservation presence. But, this majestic species still need high protection to survive because, across west Africa, more than two-thirds of the forest elephants have been killed in the last decade, ranging from 95% in the Democratic Republic of Congo to 30% in Gabon

Pongara expertly opens up the cherished marine life to the world, where you can witness turtles nesting on the beaches, hatchlings instinctively waddling into the ocean, Humpback whales majestically breaching in playful displays, and bottlenose dolphin schools sauntering through the Atlantic ocean. Loango alos highlights these seasonal visitors.


Destinations in Gabon

From dreamy beaches to deep forest jungles, Gabon has it all. 




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