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Wildlife Viewing Outside of the Usual Crowded Tourist Destinations 


A mosaic of habitats, Loango National Park is one of the only places you can take a safari tour to spot large forest dwelling mammals such as elephants & buffalo on tropical beaches, savannas, rain forests, & swamps

It is also boasts gorilla trekking & whale watching.

Where else can you see gorillas in the jungle and then whales in the ocean in the same day!


Pongara Lodge is located right on the beachfront in Pongara National Park where its sense of seclusion is only interrupted by the extraordinary wildlife.

 Pongara Lodge nestles in the heart of the national park, singularly distinguished by its remarkable diversity of primates, plants, birds and marine life along with its shimmering estuary — a ribbon of mirrored waterway that cuts through mangrove swamps and flooded forest. .

However, it is the national park’s marine reserve where the action steps up a notch for several months.


Lopé National Park has a rich history and is now a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Moabi Tented Camp is located in the midst of rolling savannah at the northern end of the park, just 40-minutes from Lopé National Park Station. Another exclusive location, perfectly remote and yet close to all of the highlights, with stunning views of the mountains and savannas.

This camp has been in development since last year and is expected to be open mid 2020

Just 240 km from the coast of Gabon, you will arrive fast but not as fast as the feeling of being in a land so strikingly different.

Steeped in history & culture born from Tropical Equatorial African roots merged with a Portuguese Colonial past.

And yet these islands feel almost Cuban when you add this mix to their cinematographic beaches of clear water & golden sand.

The Sao Tome island is 859 km2, and at 181 km from Principe, it is the gateway to Principe. Its own glory can be found in its gently simmering capital full of history & culture, and stunning landscapes including the famous Pico Grande.  Make time to visit the Claudio Corallo chocolate factory which produces famously pure chocolate from the beans grown in Principe.

Príncipe is a precious Island that is also a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve with a surface area of 71,592.5 hectares (276.420 sq mi) which encompasses the entire emerged area of the island of Príncipe, its islets Bom Bom, Boné do Jóquei (Jockey Camp Island) , Mosteiros, and Pedra da Galé, and the Tinhosas islands (Tinhosa Grande and Tinhosa Pequena) as well as surrounding marine habitats. The reserve is managed by the regional government of Príncipe.

The biosphere reserve is home to great biodiversity in terrestrial as well as in marine ecosystems, with high rates of endemism (species unique to the island) in many groups of organisms, especially vascular plants, molluscs, insects, birds, reptiles and bats. It is part of the biodiversity hotspot of tropical forests of West Africa, containing a wide range of plant communities and habitats of high international importance such as primary tropical forests, forest shade, palm trees and lowland riparian habitats.


Splendid isolation with bespoke bush elegance...Selous offers our most luxurious safari & beach experience.

From the unspoilt natural wilderness of the camps at Selous and Ruaha, to the 'Robinson Crusoe' island experience of the exquisite Fanjove, to Ras Kutani's stunning position overlooking the Indian Ocean.



Across the river from South Luangwa National Park, set a midst an ancient valley filled with diverse African wildlife you will find a peaceful Eco Hotel in the African bush, overlooking the sprawling flood planes of the tranquil hippo filled Luangwa River.

A pure and wild bush retreat with never-ending wildlife.