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Leopard Rainforest Loango Gabon

Wildlife Viewing Away from the Crowds

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Gorilla Trek Loango Gabon

The situation on the ground in Gabon is very calm, there is no violence and people seem very happy

Tourism is operating as normal

International flights are regular

We will update this website and our sister website: Loango Tourism should any changes occur


Gabon, a tiny country packed with diverse wildlife and conservation strategies implemented by its own President straddles the Equator on the west coast of Central Africa, nestled between Equitorial Guinea, Cameroon and Congo.

A magical land, home to a plethora of wildlife. Including gorillas, chimpanzees, mandrills, pangolins and elephants. Tropical rainforests cover over 80% of this beautifully preserved raw paradise, with a population so small that you can become completely lost within its remote beauty, unearthing the feeling that you have gone back in time to a world before humans existed.

An Ancient Volcanic Island

Just 240 km from the coast of Gabon, you will arrive fast but not as fast as the feeling of being in a land so strikingly different.

São Tomé is 859 km2 and is the gateway to Principe island.

Both are Steeped in history & culture born from Tropical Equatorial African roots merged with a Portuguese Colonial past.

 São Tomé's own glory can be found in its gently simmering capital full of history & culture, and stunning landscapes including the famous Pico Grande.  

Pico Çao Grande São Tomé
Praia Banana Príncipe






São Tomé's Sister Volcanic Island

Príncipe is a precious Island & a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve that is managed by Príncipe's government. 

Home to great biodiversity in terrestrial & marine ecosystems, with impressive endemism (species unique to the island) in many groups of organisms. It is part of the biodiversity hotspot of tropical forests of West Africa, containing a wide range of plant communities and habitats of high international importance such as primary tropical forests, forest shade, palm trees and lowland riparian habitats.

East African Bush Adventures & Beach Retreats

Splendid isolation with bespoke bush elegance.

Chimpanzee trekking & habituation experiences in Mahale and Rubondo.

Unspoilt natural wilderness camps at  Katavi, Nyerere, and Ruaha.

'Robinson Crusoe' island experience in the exquisite & privately owned Fanjove Island, part of the SongoSongo archipelago in the Indian Ocean.

Elephant Zikomo Luangwa Zambia

The Magical Luangwa River

Across the river from South Luangwa National Park lies Zikomo Safari Lodge. Idyllically nestled among the diverse array of wildife that the Lungwa river gives life to.

A peaceful Eco-Hotel in the African Bush overlooking the sprawling flood plains of the tranquil hippo filled river.

A pure and wild bush retreat with never ending wildlife.

Silverback Gorilla Loango


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