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-nights in Mahale Mountains National Park

Chimpanzee Trekking

The perfect add-on to a Tanzanian safari holiday. Easily accessible from Arusha or Dar Es Salaam.

This 3 night package gives you ample time to really explore the mountainous, chimpanzee populated forests of Mahale national park, and the second deepest lake in the world: Tanganyika 

Greystole Mahale Welcome chimp trekking tanzania

LOCATION, Greystoke Mahale has won the Best Location in Africa award at the Safari Awards for 2017. Nestled between the gin-clear water of the lake, and the tumbling forests.  There are absolutely no roads and

virtually no other people and that is what being in Mahale is all about. It really is the

edge of the world and the ultimate in remote wilderness.

CHIMPANZEES, the main reason for making the journey down to Mahale is of course to see the

chimpanzees. Mahale is home to one of the largest populations of wild chimps and Greystokes

have access to a habituated community known as the M Group.

Although the chimps are the main event, the forests of Mahale are teeming with a variety

of other primates. Camp is often visited by colobus monkeys and baboons, and plays host to warthogs and the rare blue duiker. And there's the incredible forest flora and

bird life.

From  $4,421 per person - Low Season

From  $6,656 per person - High Season


Included in the prices are full board accommodation, activities on a shared basis: chimp trekking, boat trips, deep water swims, forest walks, village visits; scheduled boat transfers to/from

Mahale airstrip, return domestic flight from Arusha, drinks (except Champagne & premium wines); laundry, tourism development levy, park entry fees, concession fees, park activity fees, and mandatory AMREF (Africa Medical Research Foundation) Flying Doctor Evacuation cover for 30 days; the cost of this evacuation cover is only $5. If you wish us to remove the cover then we are assuming you have enrolled yourself and you are taking full responsibility for your evacuation in the event of an emergency.

Not Included are international flights, hotel stay in Arusha & hotel to airport transfers (can be arranged for a supplement if requested at time of booking - city tours are also available), gratuities, champagne & premium wine,  travel insurance.

Pick your season...
Wet Chimpanzee Trek Mahale Tanzania
Low Season


November to 19th December

06th January to 17th March 

Best for

Rainy season tropical forest feeling

Enchanting sunsets and sunrises

November / early December- Easy Chimpanzee Treks (close to camp)

January - Forest photography, butterflies, wildflowers, chimp group dispersals

February - Challenging treks to find clusters of close-knit chimpanzee groups

March - Red-tailed monkeys and hornbills in camp 

Chimpanzee trekking grooming mahale tanzania

High Season


03rd June to October

20th December - 5th January

Best for

Dry & warm weather (June to Oct)

June - Big chimpanzee groups & challenging treks

July -  Less challenging treks. Afternoons in / on the lake

August -  Chimps closer to camp and can be heard vocalising

September -  Chimpanzees close to camp. Fishing on the lake - guests fishing, not the chimps!

October - chimp treks close to camp. Possibility of animals crossing the beach

December / January - Festive Holiday celebrations and not too challenging  chimp treks 

dhow travel mahale greystoke tanzania


Arusha to Greystoke Mahale


 Fly from Arusha to Mahale Mountains National Park

Departure is between 07h00 - 08h00 and the flight is about 5 hours, with a refuel stop in Tabora & Katavi before arriving in MahaleMountains National Park. This flight really illustrates just how remote and untouched this part of Tanzania is. There is nothing but wilderness for miles as you fly over the country. 

Travel by Dhow to Greystoke Mahale Lodge

Once you arrive in Mahale you will be met by famously fabulous guides and taken by dhow to camp. This boat trip takes about an hour and a half and skims along the shoreline of the impossibly clear Lake Tanganyika with the Mahale Mountains rising from the beach. Turning the corner and catching a first glimpse of the iconic Greystoke beach and mess is always a memorable moment. 


Greystoke mahale chimpanzee trekking lake tanganyika tanzania

Greystoke Mahale



You will share the mountains and the lake with so many animals, but it's the chimps that really inspire. Time spent with them is time away from everything else that is ordinary. But, there's more. Hike the forest paths looking for all the other animals who quietly live there. Swim in pools up in mountain waterfalls, take a kayak out for a dawn paddle and enjoy the sunrise coming up over the mountains. Have sundowners on our old wooden dhow, stopping to fish along the way, or just relax on the warm sands of the beach with a drink in hand. Greystoke has been in this remarkable place for over 20 years, and guests are still in awe of it. It's impossible not to be!

Greystoke mahale chimp trek tanzania

Mahale to Arusha



Fly from Mahale Mountains National Park to Arusha 

This flight will take about five hours, with stops in Katavi and Tabora to refuel. 


Arrival time in Arusha is normally around 18h00.

Chimpanzee Mahale Tanzania trekking greystoke


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