-day safari package in

Lopé National Park

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Lopé National Park has a rich history and is now a UNESCO World Heritage site which can be discovered at anytime of the year.

Moabi Tented Camp is located in the midst of rolling savannah at the northern end of the park, just 40-minutes from Lopé National Park Station. Another exclusive location, perfectly remote and yet close to all of the highlights, with stunning views of the mountains and savannas, a mountain climb is a "must-do" excursion which is on offer all seasons.

The highlight, Mandrill trekking, will give the most impressive photographic opportunities during the months of May to October when these idiosyncratic primates experience their mating season, during which time their colours / "showy ornaments" ignite with vibrant colours that are not found anywhere else in the primate world.

Moabi Camp is open all year round.

The 4-day package intends to offer the chance to experience Lopé's natural wonders as part of combined trip to explore a minimum of 2 of Gabon's national parks.  Due to the logistics of getting to Lopé from Libreville, we recommed a minimum of 4 days. Longer days to further explore the park, or profit from Mandrill treks on multiple days are very welcome.

 Timing & availability of activities is dependant many factors - weather, inter-seasonal variations, recent wildlife sightings, natural wildlife changes & migrations – which are unpredictable in this remote tropical paradise

Don't forget...there is a rainy season (November to April) and a dry season (May to October), and the dry season is cooler with less sunshine and humidity.

Turtle Pongara Lodge Packages Gabon

Rainy Season


Mid October - May

Best for



Night Time Turtle Tour (November - February)

Guided Turtle Hatchling Day Search (December - April)

Visit to Turtle Research & Information Centre

Full Day Marine Excursions

Savanna Safari Hike

Guided Nature Walk

Evening Guided Walk for Galagos & Pottos

Beach Relaxation!

Whale Pongara Lodge Packages Gabon

Dry Season


May - Mid October

Best for

Whale Watching


Whale Watching (July - September)

Visit to Turtle Research & Information Centre

Full Day Marine Excursions

Savanna Safari Hike

Guided Nature Walk

Evening Guided Walk for Galagos & Pottos

Beach Relaxation!

All Inclusive Prices

Rates include accommodation at Moabi , food, drinks, all wildlife excursions (except marine-based & whale watching), park fees, guides, return boat transfers from the capital, return hotel/airport city transfer.

Available to add-on are hotel stays in the capital. 1-night stay is often required, especially for those who travel from Loango to Pongara

Rates are applicable until October 31st 2020

Single supplement of €68 per night applies for solo travellers on all packages plus €38 solo boat transfer supplement.

2 Nights
Pongara Lodge
3 Nights
Pongara Lodge
5 Nights
Pongara Lodge

Getting to us

We are located just off the West Coast of Northern Gabon and reaching us entails the following journey:

Step One Arrive in Libreville, Gabon’s capital city. We do not take charge of international flights.

We do however take charge of domestic flights from Port Gentil for those coming to Pongara from Loango. Most clients arrive in Libreville in the evening (either internationally or from Loango) and then spend the night by the beach in a luxury hotel. The above packages are intended for this itinerary.

The most popular airlines used by our clients are for international arrival are Airfrance, Ethiopian Airlines, and AirMaroc.

Our trusted hotels that we offer in Libreville are the Radisson Okoume and Radisson Blu, both include airport shuttle service and offer onsite currency exchange.


 Step Two Boat transfer from Libreville to Pongara. Times vary dependent on weather and tides but, the boat journey to Pongara is less than an hour from the capital, Libreville.




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