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Located Amidst Rolling Mountains, Forests, & Savannas

Lopé National Park has a rich history, it once served as an ancient trade and migration corridor along the Congo Basin for pygmy tribes. Today, the Ogooué River Valley’s deep ridges and forest gallery is a veritable hotspot for prehistoric antiquities and rich, tribal culture. In fact, there was a recent discovery of over 1800 Iron-Age rock carvings and scant traces of Stone-Age and Iron-Age settlements and artefacts which revealed just how significant the region was to Africa’s human evolution over the past 400,000 years. This is now  UNESCO World Heritage site.

La Lope Hotel is located in the park, dominated by mountains and with the Ogooué river trickling by. Another exclusive location, perfectly remote yet close to all of the highlights.

La Lopé Hotel

Private bungalows surrounded by pretty gardens and with glorious mountain views.  

All rooms are air-conditioned offering full comfort for as much rest as you need in-between your adventures and blissful slumber each night of your stay..

Dine beneath the stars on grilled delicacies with wine at a tropical African dining table; take a dip in the pool to cool down,.

lope-hotel room.jpeg
Mandrill Trekking Lopé Gabon

Lopé is the only place in Gabon where you can trek wild Mandrills.

As with the gorillas in Loango, a group of free-roaming & completely wild Mandrills have been habituated to the presence of human researchers over the course of many years. 

We, at See Wild Travels, think this is Lopé's highlight. Who wouldn't want to step into another world and share rare & precious moments with such strikingly beautiful primates in their natural environment?!

History & Lanscape

Aside from Mandrill trekking, 4x4 game drives, and forest hikes, why not take a hike to the top of Lopé's emblematic Mount Brazza. Named after the explorer Savorgnan de Brazza, whose European expedition was the first to arrive in Lopé in 1875. Marvel at the sweeping views of the truly wild and alive, Lopé National Park.

No trip to Lopé should go without a visit to the archaeological area, a UNESCO World Heritage site which bears testament to West African culture, with evidence of iron-working and a remarkable collection of some 1,800 petroglyphs (rock carvings).

Lopé Gabon Mountains Scenery
Silverback Gorilla Loango Gabon


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