Located in the Midst of Rolling Savannahs at the Northern End of the Park


Lopé National Park has a rich history, it once served as an ancient trade and migration corridor along the Congo Basin for pygmy tribes. Today, the Ogooué River Valley’s deep ridges and forest gallery is a veritable hotspot for prehistoric antiquities and rich, tribal culture. In fact, there was a recent discovery of over 1800 Iron-Age rock carvings and scant traces of Stone-Age and Iron-Age settlements and artefacts which revealed just how significant the region was to Africa’s human evolution over the past 400,000 years. This is now  UNESCO World Heritage site.

Moabi Tented Camp is located in the midst of rolling savannah at the northern end of the park, just 40-minutes from Lopé National Park Station. Another exclusive location, perfectly remote yet close to all of the highlight, with stunning views of the mountains and savannas.

With just 6 guest tents that have been kitted out with classic safari-style furnishings, you will feel like you are on a bespoke safari, so far away from the overcrowded tourist circuits that are engulfing other parts of Africa. With private quarters lit by the luminous glow of parrafin lamps and an extended sitting area where the panoramic views are infinite. Dine beneath the stars on grilled delicacies with wine at an elegant dining table; a setting where forest elephants, red river hogs or buffalos may also cross your path. For a rested sleep, comfortable beds draped with mosquito netting are ready made for a blissful slumber.

This camp has been in development since last year and is expected to be open mid 2020


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